Game Locations

@ Sebring Middle School (SMS)

Football Location: 

well be played at Firemen’s Field: 681 Magnolia Ave, Sebring Florida    

Softball Location: 

will be held at Sebring High School softball field:  3514 Kenilworth Blvd, Sebring, Florida. 

Behind Sebring High School.  Take side road from Kennilworth, around the school fence

Basketball and Volleyball Locations: 

will be held at the Sebring Middle School:  500 E. Center Ave, Sebring Florida 

@ Lake Placid (LPMS)

Football Location: 

Roger Scarborough Memorial Stadium: 438 Dal Hall Blvd. Lake Placid, FL 33852.

Softball Location: 

Games are played at Lake Placid High School Softball Field: 202 Green Dragon Dr., Lake Placid, FL 33852

Basketball & Volleyball: 

Games are played at Lake Placid Middle School: 201 S. Tangerine Dr., Lake Placid, FL 33852

@ Hill Gustat Middle School (HGMS)

Football Location: 

will be played at Firemen’s Field:  681 Magnolia Ave, Sebring Florida     

Softball, Basketball, Volleyball Location: 

will be held at HGMS: 4700 Schumacher Road, Sebring Florida 

@ Avon Park Middle School (APMS)

Football & Softball Location:  

Will be held at Avon Park High School:  700 E. Main St, Avon Park Florida, 33825 

Basketball and Volleyball Location: 

Will be held at the school, 401S. Lake Ave, Avon Park Florida 33825.

@ DeSoto Middle School (DMS)

Softball and Football Location: 

will be held at Desoto High School: 1710 E. Gibson St, Arcadia Florida

Basketball and Volleyball Location: 

will be held at DeSoto Middle School: 420 E. Gibson St, Arcadia, Florida

@ Hardee Junior High School (HJHS)

Football Location: 

Football is played at Wildcat Stadium just off Main Street: 220 S. Florida Ave, Wachula, FL 33873

Basketball and Volleyball Location:

 played at Hardee Junior High School: 2405 US Hwy 17, Wachula, FL 33873

1. Heading Northbound on Hwy 17 approaching the Main Entrance of campus turn left on to Keeton Road which lead to side entrances of HJH. 

2. Once on Keeton Road travel down the Keeton Road until you reach the second entrance to HJH. Turn right. This road will lead to gymnasium. 

Softball Location:  

played at the Mildred W. and Doyle E. Carlton Recreational Complex located just off Altman Road in Wauchula (between the Cattleman’s Arena and Hardee Senior High School).